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Business Relationship Management Professional

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The eLearning Business Relationship Management (BRM) Professional course allows learners to understand the Business Relationship Manager role and how to create awareness of it in their organisation. Learners will also be able to look at current relationships in their business and identify where improvements can be made.

This course covers the main goals and objectives of the modern Business Relationship Management Professional. BRM stimulates, surfaces, and shapes demand across business functions like IT, Human Resources, and Finance, ensuring the potential value from meeting demand is captured, optimised, and recognised organisationally. The Practice of BRM embodies a set of competencies (e.g. knowledge, skills, and behaviours) to foster an effective, value-producing relationship between business functions and their business partners.

These competencies can be leveraged through:

  • An organisational role
  • A discipline
  • An organisational capability
  • A philopsophy

With BRM in place, organisations can achieve:

  • Trusted teams acting beyond departmental borders
  • Individually empowered employees looking outside their box
  • Relationship centered in all aspects
  • Infinite value, as it expands the focus of society from strategic partners, the value in satisfaction of personal purpose, and societal impact.

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Suitable For:

This course does not require any existing knowledge Business Relationship Management. It’s suitable for anyone working or looking to work in a business relationship environment, such as buyers, sales teams, and customer service advisors. It will also add immense value to business owners, project managers, and others involved in business processes.

Learning Outcomes:

Following the course, learners will be able to demonstrate their understanding of:

  • The characteristics of the BRM role.
  • What it means to perform as a strategic partner, contributing to business strategy formulation and shaping business demand for the provider’s services.
  • How Portfolio Management disciplines and techniques are used to maximise realised business value.
  • Business Transition Management and the conditions for successful change programs that minimise value leakage.
  • ​The BRM role in Service Management and alignment of services and service levels with business needs.

What to Expect:

All eLearning courses are completed via our online eLearning platform. Full instructions to access and complete the course will be sent to you after you have successfully completed the checkout process.

Course Contents:

  • Module 1: An overview of BRM
  • Module 2: Strategic partnering
  • Module 3: Business IQ
  • Module 4: Portfolio Management
  • Module 5: Business transition management
  • Module 6: Provider domain knowledge
  • Module 7: Powerful communication
  • Module 8: Exam preparation

Following completion of the course, you may request an exam voucher via the eLearning portal which can be redeemed anytime with AMPG online, within 12 months.


  • Multiple choice format
  • 50 questions per paper
  • 25 marks required to pass (out of 50 available) – 50%
  • 40 minutes duration
  • Closed book
  • Learners must have completed the Business Relationship Management Professional course before requesting an exam voucher