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Device Suitability

We’ve setup this initiative with the sole purpose of getting laptops to pupils of schools in Kent who do not have access to a suitable device for home learning. 

If you or your organisation has an unwanted laptop, that meets our suitability criteria, and you would be happy to donate it, please get in touch. All laptops are wiped of existing data in our workshop before being repurposed for home learning use. A certificate can be provided on request to confirm that data has been wiped. 

None of the data you share with us as part of the donation process will be shared or used for any purpose, except to communicate information about your donation.

Read our Laptops 4 Kids FAQ below for more information.

If you have an unwanted laptop which meets the following criteria, and you or your organisation would be happy to donate it, please use the ‘Donate My Laptop(s)’ button towards the bottom of the page.  

  • Between 0 and 7 years old
  • RGood working order
  • No major damage
  • RComplete with mains adaptor
  • Battery holds charge for 60+ minutes

Please read the following questions & answers before proceeding with a donation:

Why are we doing this?

Everyone appreciates that education is super important. With schools closed at the moment to most pupils, home learning has become a necessity. Unfortunately, not all children learning from home have access to a laptop to take full advantage of some of the brilliant resources available online. That’s where this initiative can help make a difference, by providing laptops to those who need and will benefit from them most.

How will my donated laptop be collected?

After you have completed the ‘Donate My Laptop’ form via the button on this page, we will be in contact with you to arrange collection.

It may be that a member of the KnowledgeAdd team will make a zero contact collection from you directly, or we may arrange a zero contact courier collection service to pick up the donated laptop(s) instead. Whichever works best.

What happens to any data stored on a donated laptop?

We recommend that you remove any personal data from the laptop before making the donation. Data security is something we take very seriously – regardless of whether or not personal data has been removed – All laptops we receive will be wiped using specialist software, before being repurposed. All information, pictures, documents, videos, everything, will be permanently deleted.

We will provide a certificate on request to confirm that the data wipe has taken place.

Where will my donated laptop end up?

All donated laptops that meet the suitability requirements set out on this page will be distributed to a local School (for onward distribution to a pupil in need).

Any laptops donated that do not meet the suitability requirements will be disposed of under The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations. Much like laptops that will be repurposed, laptops that do not meet the suitability requirements will still be wiped of any data and information.

I represent a school in Kent that needs laptops for pupils

We will pass on as many suitable laptops as we receive via donations. If you want to be added to the list of schools that we will send repurposed laptops to please email laptops4kids@knowledge.com

Do KnowledgeAdd make a profit?

Absolutely not. The KnowledgeAdd team, local to Kent, will be putting their IT skills to good use and refurbishing donated laptops to local schools and families where needed. KnowledgeAdd are simply providing a platform to get the initiative off the ground.

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